digital imaging technology

Which frame grabber cards and video camera's can I use?
Most cards and camera's using Windows direct show (wdm) drivers should work with Studio Surveillance and Studio Capture.
Studio Surveillance and Studio Capture have been tested with the following devices:
Luminera Infinity USB2 camera family.
SJCam HD action camera.
Pinnacle systems Studio PCTV cards.
Hauppage WinTV cards.
Hauppage WinTV USB frame grabber.
Dazzle DV50 USB frame grabber.
ZOOM 1598 USB web camera.
Generic IEEE firewire card with DV video camera's
Osprey 100 PCI card
Pixelink PL A662 digital firewire camera

Which compression CODEC's give the best results?
The following CODEC's have been tested and give good compromise between file size and video quality:
Mirosoft MPEG-4 V2 video CODEC. Local download. (right click and chose "save target as")
Mirosoft Windows Media Video 9 CODEC. Local download. (right click and chose "save target as")
XviD CODEC. XviD web site
DivX CODEC. DivX web site
Older CODEC's such as Cinepak and Video1 are not recommended.

We suggest you test the CODEC's installed on your system to determine the best for your application.