digital imaging technology

"I have looked at about 50 motion sensing webcam software demo's and yours is the best I have seen yet! Your studio surveillance software is exactly what I'm looking for."
"We are using the software to record the video off a wireless remote camera for surveillance. StudioSurveillance was the most elegant solution I have found for performing this task."
"I have a few cameraís around the property and am running them into a quad then into a tv card on this pc. This just allows me to go away knowing itís recording 24/7."
"My 9 year old son is doing a science experiment for school and I found your software to be the best suited for what we are doing... time lapse capture of plants germinating and growing @ 1 frame per 10 minutes over a 2 week span."
"I have downloaded Studio Surveillance software and its exatly what I was looking for but, i want to archive about 7 days or more of video at 1 sec per frame with 24 hours per file.
" I love this software. My video server has been running this software non stop for months now without any problems."
"My neighbor had his truck "borrowed". Studio surveilence came through though, pin-pointed the date/time, and the occurance."
"I recently bought a surveillance camera for outdoor use: I spent a few weeks or so testing out various motion detection software, and Studio Surveillance was the only one I found that 1) didnít crash my computer on a regular basis, 2) had motion detection settings that seem to work, and 3) didnít cost an arm and a leg."
"They are building some houses opposite where I live and I wanted to do some time lapse recording. I couldnít find the software I wanted but then came across yours which fitted the bill perfectly. Iíll use it for security sometimes as well."
"This setup lets us keep the last 10 days worth of data. Sometimes I do not get notified that there is an issue with the equipment until several days later and then I need to be able to go back and retrieve the data."

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