digital imaging technology

Studio Capture is a video and image capturing software designed for use with microscopes and microscope hot stages. The software allows data to be written into the video stream and captured as video (avi) files or as still images. By controlling the frame capture rate "time lapse" video's can also be captured that allow slow occurring events to be reviewed at accelerated rates.

Version 5 now supports the new HS1 hot stage systems from METTLER TOLEDO

V-temp mode allows the use of Studio Capture with instruments with no direct connection to the software. Based on the temperture program the sample temperature is calculated and overlayed onto the video files. This approach is especially useful with Photo-DSC measurements using Mettler Toledo's DSC1 system. Adding real video analysis greatly enhances the interpretation of DSC curves and thermal events.

For more information please contact your local Mettler Toledo representative

You can also view some example video files produced by Blaine Weddle of Mettler Toledo Incorporated in the USA by clicking on this link.